Chemical Bank

Part of the solution.

For years, Chemical Bank expanded across Michigan and beyond state lines to establish itself as the financial destination of the Midwest. For well over a decade, ECP helped reshape Chemical Bank’s brand, communicating their commitment to Michigan and beyond with campaigns that crossed all media, and turned all heads. Then in 2017 after a major merger with Talmer Bank, ECP continued to remind customers of the bank’s community roots and innovative solutions.


For much of our partnership, Chemical Bank was the largest bank in Michigan, and we helped them capitalize on this with the MADE IN MICHIGAN campaign, positioning them for positive growth throughout the 2010s. We also helped them celebrate their centennial anniversary, and literally wrote the book on the company and brand in a 100-year retrospective. ECP positioned Chemical Bank for even greater growth as the bank was acquired by TCP in 2018 and then by Huntington Bank in 2021.

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