National Heritage Academies

PrepNet Virtual Academy

Coming off more than a year of unpredictable schooling, National Heritage Academies launched their new online-only school and a statewide campaign across Michigan to announce its arrival. Using simple messaging and imagery that highlighted the benefits of virtual school, this campaign thrived in OOH, broadcast TV, radio, social and digital media to deliver the message. The campaign goal was to announce the new online school, increase awareness and generate interest, and ultimately enroll 900 students in the new school.


The campaign has had over 40 million impressions to date. By early September, over 1,500 students had applied and were registered with PrepNet Virtual Academy, 160% of our goal. The virtual school continues to process applications, with a few hundred in the queue, and over 200 students per week continue to apply.

NHA PrepNet Radio “Forget” (30s)

LaGuardia Radio (30s)