A little extra goes a long way.

Being an innovative design firm means more than just creating. Check out how we give a little extra back to both our industry and our communities.


  • AAF Great Lakes Bay
  • Haworth Inc.
  • AAF Michiana South Bend, Indiana
  • OLA Conference
  • Carib Conference, Panama City, Panama
  • Syracuse University
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Kendall College of Art and Design / Ferris State University
  • Ad Club of Fort Worth Texas
  • OAAA Creative Conference (Chicago, IL; Miami, Fl; Phoenix, Az)
  • AAF Small Business Workshop, Grand Rapids, MI
  • WMPRA PR Conference, GVSU
  • Adams Outdoor Advertising
  • Michigan State University
  • Kuyper College
  • AAF West Michigan 2014
  • Pan-American Creative Conference, Puerto Rico
  • Burkhart Outdoor Advertising
  • Lamar Outdoor Advertising
  • CBS Outdoor Advertising
  • OAAI Conference, Chicago (2010, 2011)
  • AAF Greater Flint
  • AAF MidMichigan
  • Coastal Ad Club, NC
  • NPR Radio Interview
  • Tony Gates Show Interview
  • Fort Wayne Ad Club
  • AD2 Grand Rapids
  • AAF West Michigan
  • NEPA Ad Club, Scranton, PA
  • Fox River, WI Ad Club
  • Elkhart Indiana Career Center
  • Aquinas College

Shows We’ve Juried

  • AAF Indianapolis American Advertising Awards
  • AAF Great Lakes Bay Region American Advertising Awards
  • Sunset Strip Billboard Awards
  • OLA Awards
  • AAF Harrisburg American Advertising Awards
  • AAD Greater Flint American Advertising Awards
  • AAF Fort Wayne American Advertising Awards
  • AAF District 10 American Advertising Awards (2011)
  • AAF West Michigan Student American Advertising Awards (2012)
  • AAF Ann Arbor Ad Club American Advertising Awards (2012)
  • Creative Smackdown
  • Polishing Center Yardsticks
  • ACI-NA Excellence in Airport Marketing Show
  • Clear Channel Outdoor Creative Contest
  • The OBIE Awards (2016)

Where We’re Featured

  • OPEN²
    Outdoor Media Association
  • Graphis Logo Design 6
  • Luzer’s Int’l Archive Vol 4/20
  • The Power of Paper in Graphic Design
  • Print Magazine
  • Letterhead and Logo Design
  • OBIE Awards 2010
  • Graphic Design and Religon
  • Graphis Advertising Annual 2009
  • The Best of Business Card Design 9
    Rockport Publishers
  • Graphis Advertising Annual 2005
  • Letterhead and Logo Design 9
    Rockport Publishers
  • Creativity 42
  • Large Scale Graphics
    Rockport Publishers


Since 2000, Rob Jackson and the creative teams under his direction have created dozens of memorials for billboards from coast to coast. This collection of work chronologically categorizes these commemorative designs and the stories behind their creation. From international celebrities to national disaster relief to local legends, every creative work featured in its 100 pages encourages readers to take a moment, pause, and reflect.

Learn more and purchase today at reflectbook.org.