Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation

Saddle Up for A Good Cause.

Identity, branding and promotion

Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation.

ECP has a long-time partnership with Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation, an L.A.-based non-profit organization that provides life-changing services to veterans of the motion picture and theatre industries. With their founder as our inspiration, we started with a brand refresh that reflected both their past and a bright future. We continue to deliver collateral, print, sponsorship, and fundraising materials that emulate the history and legacy of Will himself.


The long-term campaign has helped hundreds of film industry veterans with issues like financial hardship, illness, and accident. The Pioneers Assistance Fund, specifically, has continued to grow and gain traction within its community through our awareness and fundraising efforts. Nearly $800k is now spent every year on the organization’s services, and total clients have increased more than 139% over the last four years.


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