Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation

Provides financial assistance and counseling for theater and motion picture employees who experience hardship.

We never met a brand we didn’t like.

Well, certainly when it’s a brand as esteemed as the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation of Los Angeles. ECP is privileged to partner with this organization that provides life-changing services to veterans of the motion picture and theatre industries, as well as life-saving medical equipment to neonatal programs across the country. With their founder as our inspiration, we created a brand refresh that reflected both their past and a bright future.


The long-term Will Rogers campaign has helped hundreds of film industry veterans with issues like financial hardship, illness or accident. The Pioneers Assistance Fund, specifically, has continued to grow and gain traction within its community through our awareness and fundraising efforts. Nearly $800k is spent every year in services, and total clients have increased more than 139% over the last four years.

Helping theater workers rebuild their lives.

As movies returned and theaters reopened, ECP helped the Pioneers Assistance Fund with their 2021 campaign, Big Screens Big Hearts. The campaign targeted a movie-going audience to educate and engage them with the Fund’s work and raise funds to provide the financial aid and supportive counseling to individuals who work in theatrical exhibition, distribution and vendors exclusive to either sector, that continued to be affected by COVID-19.

Breathing new life into a life-saving brand.

Brave Beginnings, a non-profit organization associated with the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation, focuses on ensuring that life-saving neonatal equipment will always be available to newborns in critical need. ECP brings a little extra to this big cause with a new brand and continuous marketing efforts.


Through our campaign and marketing efforts, Brave Beginnings has continued to raise funds and help NICUs across the country. In 2020, they had sent $9.5M in grants to NICUs, assisted nearly 200 hospitals, and served 217,000 babies with new, life-saving equipment.