Out of Home Portfolio

Out of Home Advertising.

Outdoor advertising has a special place in ECP’s heart. It’s where we learned the best advertising conveys a singular message in its most distilled form. Here are some examples.

GFIA Minimally Invasive Neurosurgeons
Independent Bank. Increase Your Wingspan. Split bulletin design on highway in Grand Rapids, Michigan
DA Blodgett St Johns Teaser Design
DA Blodgett St Johns Reveal Design
Whitecaps Get Out of The House
Whitecaps Tickets only 1 Dollar
Whitecaps Line Drives. Short Stops. Cheap Seats.
GFA Teaser with Cucumber
GFA Reveal with Cucumber
Two EE's Winery. Santa Prefers Red.
FirstStepsKent.org Invest in Kent County's bull market.
FirstStepsKent.org Sidewalk Decal. This first step brought to you by First Steps Kent. Putting Kent County kids first.
Peerless Cleaners - We pick up your slacks
Car City Holiday Bulletin. $39 Down on oversized Santa bag that is shaped like a car. Santa is attempting to pull the bag.
Car City 'Approach' bulletin that reads $39 down from a distance but CarCity numerous times once you approach it.
Close up of Car City 'Approach' bulletin that reads $39 down from a distance but CarCity numerous times once you approach it.
Car City. We Deliver. Stork delivering a red car.
The Movies > Go there. Disney Maleficent.
The Movies > Go there. Spiderman reaching for popcorn
The Movies > Go there. Spiderman. Get caught up for two hours.
The Movies > Go there. Wild postings
Established 1850 points to a street sign saying "Grand Rapids City Limits" and Est. 1926 pointing to the FEDCOM Credit Union logo.
Window decals "Everything but the bank" FEDCOM Credit Union
Wild Blue Yonder. Bartenura Wine
CommunityOfVeterans.org. We know where you're coming from. Man standing next to wall with shadow of a soldier.
Tekton tools. The nut cracker.
The Home Depot. Color-infused treated lumber. This is huge.
Walmart. All the college essentials. Pens. Markers. Ramen. Coffee.
Walmart. Freshmen showing backpack full of supplies. Seniors showing just a pencil.
Burkhart holiday design. C:\error This ad took the day off. Happy labor day.