Our Team

We’re a collection of smart directors, designers, storytellers, digital natives, media mavens and social butterflies.

Diversity and Inclusion

At ECP, we value diversity of thought above all else, because that’s how we’re able to break through to new and exciting ideas. We realize that diversity of thought often comes from people who bring unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to the table. We stay committed to attracting and retaining a diverse staff and clientele, and maintaining a creative environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all people and ideas.


Finding incredible opportunities is simply part of the atmosphere at Extra Credit Projects. The endless pursuit of giving extra to our clients, our communities and each other is what makes us who we are. We’re always looking ahead to add to our team and collaborate with passionate like-minded people, so if you’re someone who gives a little extra, we’d love to talk.


Rob Jackson is the founding principal and Executive Creative Director at Extra Credit Projects. Read bio