Fly Safe. Fly Ford.

Fly Safe. Fly Ford.

Advertising campaign

Gerald R. Ford International Airport Fly Safe, Fly Ford Campaign

With bags packed and tray tables in their upright positions, ECP created a campaign for Gerald R. Ford International Airport as they worked to regain passenger numbers post-pandemic. With tactics filled with safety messaging and conceptual imagery, we delivered our message to a relevant audience through a multimedia integrated campaign in and around West Michigan.


Our 2021 goal was to reach or exceed 70% of travelers from the airport’s record-breaking 2019 year. Our campaign garnered more than 131 million impressions from April through December, and by the end of the year the airport had serviced 2,927,000+ passengers, approximately 12% above our initial goal.


Out of home bulletin showing a surgical mask attached to palm trees like a hammock and the headline "A Clean Getaway."
Out of home advertisement showing image of snowboarder riding the spray coming out of a bottle of cleaner.

Boston Radio (30s)

LaGuardia Radio (30s)