Lamar Advertising

In 2022, ECP and Lamar Advertising partnered to create and launch a nationwide campaign to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the out of home (OOH) media company. Born as a fledging poster company in the back of an Opera house in 1922, Lamar has since grown to be the nation’s largest OOH inventory owner with more than 35,000 billboard faces in 44 states, and more than $2 billion in annual revenue in 2022.

ECP worked with Lamar’s creative and marketing team to create a campaign for Lamar inventory from coast to coast, as well as their various social media channels. The designs use self referential and humorous messaging to mark the occasion and highlight the company’s longevity and commitment to their customers. It’s a true American success story that ECP is proud to be part of, honoring their past and celebrating the future ahead.