Out of Home Advertising Association of America

The lead association representing the Out of Home advertising industry.

Uniting and advancing the OOH industry.

Our relationship with the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) goes back a long way. We partner to produce award winning campaigns tackling national issues, honoring heroes with tributes, dominating the world’s cultural epicenter with Times Square takeovers, and promoting one of the ad industry’s oldest and most coveted honors, the OBIE award.

80th Annual OBIE Awards

Since 1942, the Out of Home Advertising Association of America has been awarding exemplary creativity and innovation in the outdoor industry. To celebrate this 80th landmark year, Extra Credit Projects stepped in with humor and simplicity to highlight the prestige and honor of the award.

Keeping it real.

The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) tapped ECP to create an immersive experience that exhibited the real-life impact of out of home (OOH) advertising. Launched at Advertising Week 2019 in New York, the “OOH Is Real” campaign featured strategic media placement and vibrant, interruptive messaging that pointed viewers to the relationship between OOH and digital web advertising. The national campaign was featured in dozens of locations, including Times Square and at the CES Conference in Las Vegas. The result was plenty of OOHs and lots of ahhs.


In its first three weeks, the campaign had a 2,000,000 press reach, over 500,000 social media impressions, and nearly 2,000 website visits. The campaign went beyond AdWeek and New York to be featured on dozens of OOH units across the nation and in other major cities hosting media conferences, like Orlando and Las Vegas. Overall, the industry saw a 7% increase in OOH sales for Q4 2019 vs. Q3 2019, and a 7% from Q4 of the previous year.

Giving Three Billboards a hand.

When a movie centered around billboards was up for some of the biggest Hollywood awards, ECP, in collaboration with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), created a campaign to show their support.

Art Everywhere

ECP partnered with the Out of Home Advertising Association of America and art museums throughout the country to bring forth an art show in which the whole country could participate. It also happened to be the single largest outdoor campaign ever produced.

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