OOH is Real

OOH is Real.

Industry promotional campaign

OAAA OOH is Real Campaign.

During Advertising Week in New York, ECP created an immersive experience that exhibited the real-life impact of out of home advertising for the Out of Home Advertising Association of America. The “OOH Is Real” campaign was placed in dozens of locations around the city and event venue, and in Times Square. It featured strategic, vibrant, and interruptive messaging that pointed viewers to the relationship between OOH and digital web advertising.


This out of home campaign delivered plenty of OOHs and lots of ahhs. In its first three weeks, the campaign had a 2,000,000 press reach, over 500,000 social media impressions, and nearly 2,000 website visits. The campaign went beyond AdWeek and New York to be featured on dozens of OOH units across the nation and in other major cities hosting industry conferences, including Orlando and Las Vegas. Overall, the industry saw a 7% increase in OOH sales for Q4 2019 vs. Q3 2019, and a 7% increase over Q4 of the previous year.


Bus out of home mobile advertisement with headline "Mobile ads with more mobility"