launches to commemorate forlorn furniture

Couches at the Curb Example Submission Image

You may not think much about that sagging sofa or wrecked recliner you see by the side of the road, but a new website gives these curbside crashers a chance to finally get their funeral. aims to be a national effort where curbed couches from coast to coast can be commemorated, commiserated and celebrated by those who submit their own images.

“To most people these are eyesores at the roadside. But we see a story in everything. Even moldy couch cushions,” said Rob Jackson, spokesperson for the website. “We know it’s a little weird, but we couldn’t just let this idea sit.”

The website is an extracurricular effort from Extra Credit Projects (ECP), a Midwest advertising agency and group of couch cushion connoisseurs. For more information, contact Extra Credit Projects at 616-454-2955.