Ask For Mary

Everyone is Asking for Mary.

Branding, advertising and promotions

Mary Free Bed Ask for Mary Campaign.

For more than a decade, ECP has positioned Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital as a unique healthcare destination, while promoting various services and their dedication to care. Through a mix of multimedia tactics, we have personified the Mary Free Bed experience for consumers and successfully kept the rehabilitation hospital top of mind in West Michigan markets and beyond. From the very first campaign, people continue to “Ask For Mary” for their rehabilitation needs.


Since 2011, the not-for-profit hospital system has seen a 774% increase in patients served, 145% growth in employees, 109% increase in patient beds, and a steady expansion of services statewide through acquisitions and joint ventures. Our marketing efforts have also moved the hospital from unranked to the top 10 in the US News & World Report “Top Rehabilitation Hospitals,” and in 2020 Mary Free Bed was recognized as one of the “10 Best Physical Rehabilitation Centers” by Newsweek.


Popup digital display ad that takes over the viewer's screen and says "A stroke can disrupt your life as quickly as this ad interrupted your browsing.."
Mary Free Bed Puzzle Tease Out of Home.
Mary Free Bed Puzzle Reveal Out of Home.
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Hiring campaign's social media advertisements mocked onto cell phones with headlines "RnESPECT" and "LpnOVE"
Mary Free Bed Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Out of Home.
Mary Free Bed Break Free Out of Home.
Mary Free Bed Concussion RehabilitationOut of Home.
MFB Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Out of Home
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Google Cardboard VR headset design promoting virtual rehabilitation services
Out of home bulletin with headline "Love Conquers Fall" but with the "F" removed from it's place and laying below so the headline reads "Love Conquers All"
"There's Home Ahead." out of home bulletin.
Believe in Marycles out of home bulletin design
Mary Free Brew beer packaging
Hiring campaign out of home bulletin design with headline "RNs Wanted" and mimicking tear off tabs from a local flyer.
Ask for tease out of home bulletin
Ask for reveal out of home bulletin
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