Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

The fifth largest rehabilitation hospital in the United States.

Ask for Mary.

Collaborating with the fifth largest rehabilitation hospital in the United States has been a rewarding experience for both Mary Free Bed and ECP. Our relationship began with an overhaul of the brand and a realignment within the marketplace, and today our impact is felt through a variety of strategic work. From groundbreaking event crutch shovels to blurred billboards to prosthetic leg lamps, we’ve been telling the entire community to ask for Mary, and they have been asking more than ever.


Since we began working with Mary Free Bed in 2011, the not-for-profit hospital system has seen a 774% increase in patients served, 145% growth in employees, a 109% increase in patient beds, and a steady expansion of services statewide through acquisitions and joint ventures. Since 2016, our marketing efforts have moved the hospital from unranked to the top 40 in the US News & World Report “Top Rehabilitation Hospitals”, and in 2020 Mary Free Bed was recognized as one of the “10 Best Physical Rehabilitation Centers” by Newsweek.

Shedding Light On Recovery

As part of a summer outpatient advertising campaign, we set out to use the sun as an essential part of the creative, relying on sunny days and perfect positioning to complete the headline message using a shadow from a perpendicular extension.

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