MSU College of Human Medicine

The Intersection of Michigan
and the Human Race.

Branding and advertising

MSU College of Human Medicine Branding.

After moving the college’s headquarters to Grand Rapids in 2010, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine has made extraordinary strides in medical research and education. Extra Credit Projects has worked on creative projects from groundbreakings to grand openings, student celebrations to research fundraising, and everything in between, to bring the college’s mission and vision across the state of Michigan and beyond.


Through our tenure, we have helped raise millions of dollars for expansions, scholarships, and research projects, helped launch and maintain the most successful college store within the university, and have won 40+ creative and marketing awards, bringing national attention to the brand. In addition, we have helped drive immeasurable positive brand connections throughout the community by highlighting the college’s mission and commitment to innovative research and exceptional education.


"Now headquartered in Grand Rapids." out of home bulletin.
"Empower Extraordinary Futures" Capital Campaign pocket folder, inserts, envelope, and coasters.
Holiday postcard with illegible doctor's note above headline "This is the last year we let a doctor write our card."
Stacks of holiday postcards with design of reindeer created from a stethoscope, two pills and some evergreen branches
MSU College of Human Medicine Gala website with x-ray image and headline "Wear your black tie. Bring your green heart." Shown mocked on a tablet and mobile phone.
MSU College of Human Medicine Gala print materials with x-ray image.