YMCA Membership Campaign

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Membership campaign

YMCA Membership Campaign.

At ECP, we’ve flexed our creative muscles throughout our multi-year partnership with the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids. In a campaign to promote their year-end membership deal, we used culturally relevant messaging and an integrated media strategy to reach our audience across West Michigan and their regional YMCA locations.


The membership campaign was a big success for the Y. The campaign delivered more than 36 million impressions across the market. The membership team met their original new member goals with more than four weeks remaining in the campaign and set new, higher goals to finish out the effort.


Out of home bulletin design with a couch and the headline "Your couch won't miss you."
Out of home bulletin with sweat pants and headline "You're already wearing sweats, anyways"

Couch (:30 Radio)

Out of home bulletin with TV remote control and headline "A streaming binge is not a marathon."
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