A New Chapter for Grand Rapids’ Men

Guiding Light Out of Home Matthew

Extra Credit Projects (ECP) and Guiding Light of Grand Rapids are name dropping all around town with a mission to get men off the streets and back to work.

The advertisements highlight the positive impact Guiding Light has on the community in their mission to help recover and re-engage local men through the “guiding light of God.” The campaign—which includes billboards, digital display, print ads, kiosks, TV and more—features real stories of real men and their journey to recovery.

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About Guiding Light

Guiding Light is an organization that works to help recover and re-engage Grand Rapids men through the “guiding light of God.” They focus on job placement and temporary housing to those men who are clean, sober and willing. For more, visit guidinglightworks.org.

To learn more about this campaign or Extra Credit Projects, contact Rob Jackson at 616-454-2955.

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