ECP Helps Mary Free Bed Shed Light on Summer Recovery

Midwest advertising agency Extra Credit Projects (ECP) is helping shed light on the power of recovery for Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.

As part of a summer outpatient advertising campaign, ECP set out to use the sun as an essential part of the creative, relying on sunny days and perfect positioning to complete the message.

“An execution like this takes a courageous client, but also lot of planning, engineering, and collaboration to become a reality,” said Jackie Foss, Media Director at ECP. “From the perfect location, to the size of the extensions, to the simplicity of the design, every factor was taken into consideration to make this a success.”

This billboard can be seen this summer driving north on US-131 in Grand Rapids, with the shadow effect shifting and changing over the summer months.

For more information contact Rob Jackson at 616-454-2955 or

About Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Mary Free Bed is a not-for-profit, nationally-accredited rehabilitation hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since 1891, Mary Free Bed has restored hope and freedom through rehabilitation for children and adults. The combination of more than 110 specialized medical and sports rehabilitation programs and an exclusive focus on rehabilitation enables specialty physicians and staff to help patients achieve outstanding results.

About ECP

Extra Credit Projects is an award-winning advertising and design agency that takes a simple creative approach to campaigns and always provides extra for its clients across multiple industries nationwide.

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