Mary leaves a message

Mary Free Bed Emoji Billboard Teaser

Throughout August, drivers were left hanging by billboards depicting curious emojis and a response in progress.

The teaser led to lots of buzz from local radio stations, TV news and social forums with countless personal theories on the meaning behind the message. Some thought it meant “Wave for Me,” while others believed it was a promotion for the recent Emoji Movie. One thing everyone agreed on, however, was that it was certainly talk-worthy.

The reveal was delivered this month as Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital answered the questions about their freeway brainteaser. Fox 17 Grand Rapids picked up the story and interviewed Mary Free Bed CEO, Kent Riddle about the message and the on-going campaign. See the full story here.

The design comes from Midwest advertising agency, Extra Credit Projects (ECP), and was accompanied by animated web banners and social media posts.

To learn more about this campaign or Extra Credit Projects, contact Rob Jackson at 616-454-2955 or

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